Below are some common problems users might run into while using the Fish Rules mobile app and ways to fix them.

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How To...

Set your location

Log a fish and manage a trip

Use Reef Locations

"No Location Screen" After Updating the App

As of May 16th, some users (depending on the version they were on before the upgrade) are seeing the "No location found" screen after upgrading to the most recent version. If you are experiencing this, with no way of showing regulations via manual methods or hitting the "refresh" button, please reinstall the app and that should fix the problem.

Get the Latest Images and Regulations

Although the app tries and gets the latest images and regulations for you, sometimes due to heavy traffic you might have to get them manually. If images are not showing up or you want to make sure you have the latest regulations so you can go offline with the app, there's a simple step you can take: